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The Waiters Pitch Extended

By Waiterstoday @Waiters_Today

The Waiters Pitch Extended

The Waiter Pitch is incredibly important.  It is the introduction of the restaurant's food and culture to the guests, with a simple guide through the menu.

Every pitch is as different as the waiter who is delivering it. Your own style and nuances should shine through the information.

Also, tailoring your pitch for different circumstances is essential. For example, a shorter pitch is more appropriate for lunch business, while a longer one should be used for first-timers with many questions.

There is no hard rule as to the order through which waiter should proceed on the tour of the menu.  You will find for yourself what works best.  But there are some general rules that are key to the succes of your pitch.



A positive, pleasant, and confident attitude is very important when talking with your guest.


Provide guests with accurate, knowledgeable and thorough information. Try to anticipate what their questions might be instead of requiring them to prod you for information.  This is usually easy to do by asking simple questions such as, "Have you dined with us?"  You will also want to pay attention to their body language.  If you're pitching a certain dish and a look of disgust comes across their face, it's probably a good idea to steer clear from suggesting similar dishes. 


Maintain eye contact with guests and exhibit good body language at tables.


Pitch every table in a personalized style,try not to sound "rehearsed," or "robotic."  Develop your own personal style, but read your tables to see how involved they want you to be with them.


Make sure to allot the right amount of time for your pitches.  Don't ramble, speak clearly, and don't rush through it.  Take the time to make sure they have all the information they need.


Offer food and beverage suggestions at every opportunity.  When they order dinner, offer a wine pairing, or suggest a side.  You are a sales person.  Sometimes all it takes is a suggestion to up-sell.


Provide guests with accurate responses to any questions that they might have.  Never guess on an answer. If you don't have the answer, find it out.  Then give them a moment to review the menu.


Let your guests know what is coming next, inform them of what to expect.


Introduce yourself at the end of the pitch.

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