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The Versatile Blogger Award

By Melikeyuk

Isn’t the blogosphere just full of  great people? I woke up yesterday morning to find that I had been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award by Fabulous Fiona over at London Unattached .Who would have thought that little ‘ole me would have been the recipient of such an accolade?

I’m touched. Thank you Fiona for considering me. I am sending you a big virtual hug.

It is even more flattering to get this award as although I’m not new to blogging, this blog is relatively new. With a break from blogging as we temporarily relocated from London to Hong Kong, it gave me time to redesign my blog, freshen up the content and focus exclusively on the food related posts. For me, these were the most rewarding and they seemed to strike a chord with my foodie chums. It was a natural next step. There are a plethora of food blogs out there and I continue to be inspired by fellow bloggers. I am constantly learning about food trends, exotic ingredients, food photography and of course, social media. I am under no illusion that I need to further develop my blog but for now I am just enjoying the journey.

The Versatile Blogger Award

The rules for the award are:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award and link back to them.
  2. Say 5 random facts about you.
  3. Spread the joy by nominating other bloggers.
  4. Let the blogger know about the nomination.

Five Random facts about me:

  1. Since moving to Hong Kong, drinking Champagne, Chablis and Sauvignon Blanc induce the worst headaches. But in Europe I don’t have any headaches. Bizarre! So you can imagine how I spend my time when I am back in the UK
  2. My guilty food pleasures include Beef Hula Hoops and Cheddar and Onion McCoys crisps. Oh yes it is!
  3. My work placement when I was at Uni, involved being part of the Opening Crew at Eurodisney. This is where I met my hubbie
  4. Unlike many foodies, I don’t like the taste of cream, especially when it is a constituent of many cakes and desserts.
  5. I am a qualified accountant, business analyst, project manager and for my sins I have run projects for a number of multi-national banks. (Yawn!)

My Blogger Nominations are:

  1. Carroll over at Vanilla Lemonade. Some time ago, Carroll was kind enough to nominate me for a similar award and because I was in the process of relocating and transitioning from my new blog to this one and I didn’t have the time to take part in the nomination. So I’d like to reciprocate the compliment. She is a very talented chef with a fabulous sense of humor who doesn’t take herself too seriously. If you don’t believe me, just check out her About Me/Just Sayin’ Page. It certainly made me chuckle!
  2. Louise over at MyGorgeousBoys. I met Louise about a year ago when we both attended an event organised by Total Greek Yoghurt. It was a brilliant day and we left having much inspiration from the recipes and demos. Louise’s blog recounts her fun adventures with her two boys and she is as lovely in person as she comes across on her blog.
  3. Gretchen over at Culinaria Libris. Although Gretchen hails from Nebraska she has settled into London life with great ease. I had the pleasure of meeting Gretchen at Food Blogger Connect last year. Gretchen’s blog focuses on cook book reviews as she frequently and very diligently puts together a synopsis of the latest books to come on the market. If ever I feel like purchasing a new book, I’ll consult her blog first.
  4. Christine at The Bountiful Plate. Also another Food Blogger Connect chum. Christine is a very gifted cook and food photographer. A quick glance of her posts will leave you salivating uncontrollably. An added bonus, is that Christine has recently relocated from London to Singapore so at least I can tweet with someone in the same time zone
  5. Finally, Regula at Foodwise. Yet another Food Blogger Connect buddy. Regula is a Belgian Beauty who rocks the Vintage look. As her blog clearly demonstrates, she is extremely creative and champions the British culture more than any British person I know!

What a great way to recognize a blogger’s contribution!

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