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The Vampire Diaries, Reign & Scandal...I LOVE THURSDAY NIGHTS

Posted on the 08 November 2013 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch

The Vampire Diaries, Reign & Scandal...I LOVE THURSDAY NIGHTS
The answer to Thursday's Trivia Question:  S.H.I.E.L.D. stands for Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division FIRST FIVES:  Mike O'Dea, Monica Caraffa, Jim Carter, Alex Nagler & Karen Feldman Honorable Mention: Justin Jones
Wednesday's Broadcast Top 5 Country Music Awards-ABC 4.7/16.6
Survivor-CBS 2.5/9.2
Criminal Minds-CBS 2.4/9.6
CSI-CBS 1.7/8.9
Law & Order SVU-NBC 1.5/5.6
Wednesday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5 Country Music Awards-ABC 1,089,872
X Factor-FOX 548,862
Law & Order SVU-74,400
Revolution-NBC 44,603
Criminal Minds-CBS 42,616 Wednesday's Cable Top 5 American Horror Story-FX 2.2/3.7
South Park-Comedy Central 1.5/2.3
The Big Bang Theory-TBS 1.1/2.5
Key & Peele-Comedy Central 1.1/1.7
NBA Mavericks/Thunder-ESPN 1.0/2.1
Wednesday's Cable Trendrr Top 5
American Horror Story-FX 267,164
NBA Mavericks/Thunder-ESPN 55,855
NHL Bruins/Penguins-NBC Sports 44,256
Piers Morgan Live-CNN 42,855
Duck Dynasty-A&E 35,640
Wednesday's Top 5 Twitter TV Ratings
Country Music Awards-ABC 1,667,000 Tweets
X Factor-FOX 170,400 Tweets
American Horror Story-FX 154,300 Tweets
Girl Code-MTV 45,000
Guy Court-MTV2 31,900 Tweets 
Late Night Ratings for the week of 10/28/13-11/3/13 Leno .9/3.6
Kimmel .7/2.5 Letterman .6/2.8 Fallon .6/2.0
The Daily Show .6/1.5
Colbert .5/1.2 Nightline .4/1.5 Ferguson  .3/1.4 Carson .3/1.0 Conan .4/.9
Early Morning Ratings for the week of 10/28/13-11/3/13
GMA 1.7/2.0
Today Show 1.7/2.0
CBS This Morning .8/1.0
Vampire Diaries
O...M...G...now there's another doppleganger? It was hard enough to keep track of Katherine and Elena now they added another one? Omarra aka crazy pants? I hope that Nina Dobrev got a raise this season. She's playing 3 different characters for god sakes. Poor Katherine, now that she can finally enjoy food, her teeth are falling out and she's aging!  She even had to spend a Friday night dying her gray hair. This Tessa chick is a complete nut job. She gets her kicks F'ing with everyone especially Stefan and Silas.  She's doing everything possible to keep Bonnie from coming back from the dead which really sucks for Jeremy. If he doesn't need therapy at this point I don't know who does. Parents die, Alaric dies, his sister's a vampire, the woman he loves is a dead witch, and he's a vampire hunter whose surrounded by vampires. Does his life suck or what? Dr. Maxfield seems to have a lot of answers, knowledge of a secret society and now info on a special vampire called the Augustine vampire. WTF is with that? If Silas was a wack job, can you imagine what this special Augustine guy can do? Oy vey...confusing, but still enjoyable. I don't think I'll have to watch this episode again. I think I got it.
Reign is too good. Are you watching? You should be. Mary Queen of Scots is a kick ass, intelligent, chick who doesn't take crap from anyone, even the King of France. It sucks for her that marriage back in the day wasn't about love, but I'm hoping that at some point it is for her and Francis. Anyone notice that they call Francis's half bro "Bash"? So it's Francis and Bash. Like Franklin & Bash on TNT? Okay, digressing I know. Anyway, Francis is obviously coming around and has feelings for Mary, but he still needs more time. Good news is she isn't going off with that assh*le Tomas. Tomas seemed amazing last week, good looking and sweet, but once Mary was his fiance, he turned into an abusive masochist and got a whipping boy to beat up when Mary disobeyed. Luckily, Mary, Francis and Bash all figured out the spy was Tomas and not Simon. Tomas was sent packing, Mary and the girls got to stay and since Mary saved the day, she won some points with the King and Queen and of course, Francis. On the other side of the castle, once the King knew Kenna was staying he took her in as his mistress. So now he has to dump his other mistress when she gets back from shopping in Paris. Pretty sure she won't be too happy but who cares, I like the King and Kenna together. The King's hot!
We all know people who have "daddy issues" but man can you believe the ones Olivia has? I mean her dad is "Command", he's a manipulating, murderer who had her Mom's plane shot down when she was 12. Not sure it gets any worse than that. Olivia's holding it together...barely. Of course she had to ask Fitz to tell her the truth, but he's unable to tell her, so she turned down the offer to help get him re-elected and took on Phoebe Buffay instead.  Do you think Fitz knew Olivia's Mom was on the plane? When she told him, he looked a little surprised by the news. Don't you love Cyrus and James? Quinn's practicing to be a killer, and Olivia's dad is on it. Not sure yet if he's using her for info or if he's going to pull her in to B613 for himself.  I'm loving Paul Adelstein's character, Leo. The guys awesome and he's working to get Sally, the VP elected, but she's got her own issues and a cheating husband, Steven Carrington from Dynasty. (5 points if you can name the actor that plays him). Scandal's the only show I watch where the second the credits come up I look at my watch and say "it's over already?" It just flies by every week.
-Big news yesterday other than the Twitter IPO, Disney and Netflix hooked up big time. Marvel TV is going to bring a bunch of original series of live-action adventures of four of their most popular characters exclusively to Netflix in 2015. I'm not a huge comic book person, so these names don't mean much to me, but coming to Netflix will be Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage. The stories will unfold over multiple years and take Netflix subscribers who are in to this stuff deep into a "gritty world of heroes and villains of Hell’s Kitchen, New York."  Netflix has committed to a minimum of four, thirteen episode series culminating with a Defenders mini-series. S.H.I.E.L.D's not doing that great over on ABC, but there's definitely an appetite for this stuff, so again, if you produce it, (and produce it right) they will come and I'm betting for this...they'll come!
-Congrats to Curtis Stone who will be joining The Chew as a regular guest co-host. He starts next week as the permanent fill in host. 5 point bonus if you know who Curtis is married to and which one of my all time favorite shows she was on.
-I was totally psyched when I read that Hollywood Game Night would be back on 12/2 with a special holiday episode. Other than Big Brother, HGN was one of my favorite shows this past Summer. Ray Romano, Cheryl Hines, Gavin DeGraw, Rachel Bilson, Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker will be drinking and playing and hopefully winning some holiday shopping money for their contestants. I think I have a Hollywood Game Night season pass, so I should be all set for 12/2.
-CMT announced their TV Everywhere app yesterday. To get viewers psyched they will be pre-releasing the first episode of the new season of  Sweet Home Alabama a week before it airs on TV. The app's available today so if you're a CMT fan, start downloading!
-I hadn't heard about the X Factor voting glitch until late yesterday. So glad that didn't happen when Verizon was still a partner. I'm sure my co-workers and I would have been in a frenzy if it happened under our watch. While it was bad news for the X Factor staff, it was good news for the contestants who got a do-over!
-Good news Time Warner peeps...all of your A&E nets are safe and are sticking around. With their renewed distro agreement, A&E, History, Lifetime and Bio are all okay for now. The good news, they'll all be offered up in TV everywhere apps for you to all enjoy. 
Friday's Trivia Question: On Get Smart, what organization did Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 work for?  Have a great weekend! WWTM-Kristy Like me on Facebook at Watching Way Too Much Follow me on Twitter at [email protected] http://watchingwaytoomuch.com [email protected]

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