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The US Two-Dollar Bill

By Gerard @presurfer

The US Two-Dollar Billimage credit
Did you know there are Americans that don't believe there is a two-dollar bill. The two-dollar bill is a unit of United States currency best known for its rarity. It is infrequently printed, infrequently distributed, infrequently used and, therefore, infrequently seen. The bill was discontinued in 1966, but was reintroduced 10 years later as part of the United States Bicentennial celebrations.
Today, however, the two-dollar bill is rarely seen in circulation, and as a result the production of the note is the lowest of U.S. paper money. This comparative scarcity in circulation, coupled with a lack of public awareness that the bill is still in circulation, has also inspired urban legends and, on a few occasions, created problems for people trying to use the bill to make purchases.The Presurfer

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