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The Unrelenting Quest to Happiness

By Singcolinquisitor @lexuzinquisitor
The Unrelenting Quest to Happiness

Being happy is the quest of every person in this world. With that, finding genuine happiness has been my passion, since the time I learned the stop's and go's of life. What is genuine happiness? While defining the word and putting it into a meaningful word is a difficult task --- how much more the quest of having it? It is in this passion that I discovered a lot of things along the way in this quest, that somehow reminds me of things and decisions that I used to do in life and things that I wish I didn’t do---but in the end I am glad I didn’t do it at all. Oh! Some bitterness in that line huh! Not really...its just that sometimes the wrong choices brings me to the right places. I don't regret things that I did in the past, instead I simply regret the things that I didn't do when I had the chance. Yes, admitting the fact that the journeys of LIFE has never been always as sweet as how we intend it to be. Despite that, we always take a lot of chances, because no matter where we end up or with whom we end up to with. I consider that as a way of life "others may call it destiny." Our mistakes make us who we are. We learn and grow with each choice we made. At its very end,  I believe that everything is still worth it! Social media platforms especially facebook help me a lot in doing my passion. Over at Facebook, I read Explore Iligan’s status message of which I passionately and gladly tagged the people I knew, who needs it the most, "peace!" I know somehow, that sharing the 7 Rules to be Happy”of Explore Iligan 9200 will really help a lot those people that surround me every day. Sharing this to the people I knew gave me pressures. I guess Pinay Travelista is throwing me back what I've thrown her...I hope I am wrong. But to satisfy her DESIRES and everyone's curiosity. I have here my thoughts over Explore Iligan 9200's 7 Rules to be Happy. "Never Hate" Do I hate somebody? Yes to the point that I've learned the art of pretensions "I may look calm, but in my head I've killed you many times!" I hated a lot in the past, but that does not prevent me to become happy. Being happy for me is a choice and not a chance; Therefore, I can be happy anytime, if I want to. Over the years, I've met a lot people around this hollow world, that is full of mysteries.  Some destined to pass and others destined to touch my life. How I dealt with them? When people walk away from me, I let them go, my destiny is never tied to anyone who leaves me. It doesn't mean they are bad people; it’s just that their part in my story is over! Everything in life is temporary. I am just enjoying what life dishes me out. On the other hand, hating someone will only provide me stress! I avoid being stressed out---when I knew a person is a stress, I simply block him in my be careful! "Don't Worry"I worry a lot! Who do not? But believing that "if things are going good, enjoy it because it won't last forever and if things are going bad, don't worry---it can't last forever either" helps a lot. Its a matter of faith and being positive, because I live by choice and not by chance. "Live Simply"I believe this can be equated to contentment. Am I contented? The answer is NO, because I know I can go far and better than the way I am right now. The quest for contentment is still on. I don't want to quit nor falter. There are still a lot if opportunities I know, that would come along my way. I am still on the verge of my quest...I will stop when I am done! I know many of you will tell me that I can't, but all I can say is "Watch Me!" "Expect Little"Yes! I do that, but to a certain extent. As I grow up I learned, that people that weren't supposed to ever let me down probably will. “Give a Lot” Yes, I do that, but to those who are worthy only. I give, because I love and love is always the basis of my giving. So always pray that I am always in love! “Always Smile” I always look forward to brightening someone else's day, not because that I am always happy, but to help others despite my loneliness. I always remember, that there is still 6, 999,999,999 people to smile to. “Stay IN LOVE” I might not be blessed with love from my family in the past, but despite that, I learned to love myself.  I found out later that I was right, because by loving myself someone will also love me. After all, Whitney Houston told us that "loving yourself is the greatest love of all"---Then now, I am in love romantically!  They say that when something bad happens, one can have three choices. First, you can let it define you. Second, you can let it destroy you. Third, you can let it strengthen you. I did try the first one, but retorting to someone who did bad things to me does not make sense at all and it don’t serve me any difference from him. On the other hand entertaining and crying over the bad thing, that happened to me will only prove me one thing---I am a weakling. I learn the art of life, I choose to be thankful for the bad things that happened in my life for they open my eyes to the good things that I wasn't paying attention to before. 

I believe, that is the ultimate secret in life that is working on me up to now...
I'll be glad to read your thoughts about the 7 Rules to Happiness and your own art of Moving Forward. Xy-za Yape| Arlene Collado| Revilla Carbonell-Noel|Adventures in Life Nikko Miguel|TheNikkoMiguel Movie Zone Michelle Aban|Michelle on the Pedestal "This is a post in response to Pinay Travelista's "The Secret to Moving Forward" which she is muttering that I was the one who gave her the title..." enjoy reading!

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