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The Unadateables – Loveable, Dateable and Inspirational

Posted on the 15 January 2013 by Tvalice @Alice_Pope

I struggled with the title for this post – I was going to say ‘Everyone Deserves Love’ but then realised the irony of that given my previous post, so the correct title would have read ‘Everyone Deserves Love Except People Who Have Been On The Jeremy Kyle Show’ which is plainly ridiculous. So sorry the title isn’t brilliant!

Tonight’s episode of The Undateables was even better than last weeks in my opinion – I absolutely loved all the people who featured!

First up was Sam who was smart, pretty and a total daredevil – who just happened to measure up at a mere 3 ft 10. For a start, this makes me feel terrible for whinging about my own height. I’m 5 ft 2 and constantly complaining how annoying life is when you’re short, clearly I have it easy. I have to say though, I often find myself patronised for my size and I am still a pretty average height, so god only knows how difficult it is for her. Anyway, Sam was something of an adrenaline junkie and took some poor bloke on a skydiving date – I couldn’t tell if he was really boring or just shitting himself and therefore unable to hold a normal conversation. Either way, he definitely wasn’t good enough for Sam. Her second date with some super cool skater student seemed to go a lot better so I hope shes now found love!

Then came Ray. Ray has learning difficulties and a jealous ex girlfriend. His first date didn’t go so well – it got off to a bad start when he made Marmite and cheese sandwiches for the date, and the poor women couldn’t eat cheese. That was irrelevant though because he then met Jeanette who was awesome. But then – DRAMA. The jealous ex (who bizarrely had spent two weeks finding him a date) wanted him back. Ray had too much dignity to go there again so stuck with Jeanette – which having seen the two of them together, I agree was the right decision. Love Ray. Would 100% love to go to his wedding.

Thirdly came Steve, who had a facial disfigurement. He made me want to scream at the TV in an attempt to convince him looks weren’t everything and anyone who thought otherwise was a twat who was totally undeserving of his time and attention. He ended up on a date with some super fit girl though, so I really really hope it worked out for him, because he was really sweet and deserved someone decent.

All in all, I much preferred this episode to last weeks. As usual it had the genuinely funny moments, but I also felt way more emotionally connected to the people featured in it this week. If you haven’t seen it, watch it! You will love Ray too.

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