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The Ultimate Attraction

By Notquitecarrie @OliviaMackinnon

The ultimate attraction


It’s true you know.

You’re never more attractive than when in the arms of another.

As humans, we pine for what we can’t have. We crave the unachievable, always aiming higher, trying to gather new accomplishments, reach new heights. But just like we know we want what we can’t always have, how do we decide how to deal with that fact?

My girlfriend and I were talking today, about a friend of ours who has recently stumbled across a new boy, a great guy, a good boyfriend who adores the ground she walks on. Then, as if programmed, her long time best guy friend suddenly develops an unconcealable thing for said friend. He can’t be without her, and she is now forced to choose between the two. That’s right kids, you guessed it. Either way, someone gets hurt.

There have been months, maybe even years gone by where this guy could have taken any one of a number of chances to try things out, to try and develop a relationship, but no. It takes her floating into a delicious new guy’s arms for him to spring to action – and it’s just not fair.

Ladies, I guess what this little scenario tells us is that sometimes it takes losing you, having you not be so readily available for a guy to get off his ass, realise that you’re not just always going to be there for the picking and spring into action. Take the Joey/Dawson/Jen love triangle here – for those that aren’t into Dawson’s Creek, you’re missing out, and here is a run down. Dawson was with Jen, Jen dumps Dawson, Dawson realises he really loves Joey, Jen loses her shit and tries with all of her might to reclaim Dawson from Joey – and in this case, she fails.

Now, though this turn of events from a top grade 90s television revolution is a fabulous insight into the complex workings of a jealous human being, there are not one, but two things to be cautious of.

The first, once the person you’re trying to win back realises that they’ve lost a great thing, there is always the chance that you have already moved on with your new squeeze. Of course if you’re the dim person who has lost something great, you may have already lost what you never knew you really wanted too. Either way, it sucks.

The second, if you do use someone, that is, an innocent candidate in this little (I don’t want to say game, but I will), then you need to be aware of the fact that someone’s feelings will more than likely be hurt, battered even, if you decide to go back to your old flame. You don’t really want to be that person, do you? Mind the hearts and please don’t stomp on them – just sayin’.

The ultimate attraction




Have you been in this scenario?

Have you been the silly sausage that couldn’t see what was right in front of you?

Do you have a weird, kind of fucked up thing for Dawson Leery too? (I mean, what? Me neither…)


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