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The Tweed Cardigan and Leopard Jeans

By Marta @fashion_caramel
The tweed cardigan and leopard jeans
The tweed cardigan and leopard jeans
The tweed cardigan and leopard jeans
The tweed cardigan and leopard jeans
Tweed cardigan - Zara Grey leopard jeans - Current/Elliott at shopbop Black tee - T by Alexander Wang at shopbop Ankle strap sandal - Zara
Bracelets - Asos and vintage
Nails - Essie Coktail Bling
I got this tweed cardigan/jacket a few days ago and I don't want to take it off, ever... Once again, Zara has made a perfect piece and once again I couldn't resist. I bought it as a jacket but I then realised that they call it a cardigan on their website. It doesn't really matter what you call it, as long as you can see how perfect and versatile this piece is.
I'm also very happy to still wear my leopard jeans as much as before after 6 months. I still remeber when I bought these famous Current/Elliotts, my close friends didn't really buy into it and my husband was convinced that I would wear them for a few weeks and then never again. I guess he was wrong because I find them as perfect as before and still wear them very often. I also love to wear leopard prints while everyone is dreaming flowers just to show everyone how non-romantic I am...
You probably saw that I fell for Zara's minimalist sandal, right ?. The reality is that I bought them once, returned them and bought them again. I wasn't sure they would be very comfortable so I refused to fall for a trendy item which wasn't comfortable. In the end I changed my mind because they really have a perfect design (dumb fashion victim, that's what I am!) but you know what ? They are in fact quite comfortable for these type of shoes !
What do you think about this tweed cardigan ? If you are into the tweed cardigan/jacket trend check out my blog post on the tweed Spring jacket. I'm sure you will find your happiness there.
Have a great week ! xx
The tweed cardigan and leopard jeansThe tweed cardigan and leopard jeans

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