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The Truth About Running

By Nicoleao @momfever
the truth about running

‘Your son has been diagnosed with shin splints…’

In the The Truth About Running,  desperate parents tell their sorry tale about how their kid got addicted.
To running.

Some of the highlights of The Truth About Running

  • ‘Your son has been diagnosed with shin splints’.
  • ‘You are under arrest for distance running and runner’s high!’
  • ‘We gotta get back to traditional values. Like walking, sitting down.’
  • ‘But as the running epidemy spreads, parents and teachers are powerless to stop it.’
  • ‘We took away her running shoes, to make her stop. And then we hear about this thing called barefoot running? Is this some sick joke? Where does it stop?!’

Watch ‘The Truth about Running’ for your self

It’s one of the funniest videos about running I have seen in a long time!

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