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The Trouble with Time...

By Lexi Revellian @LexiRevellian
...well, there are several problems with it really.
  • We aren't given enough of it, and as Basil Fawlty pointed out, this is it, you don't get another go.

  • It only works one way, so you can't nip back in time and warn yourself not to buy a pension with Equitable Life* but invest the money in a cheap-at-the-time flat in Hackney instead.

  • And my current grouse - if you are working on one thing, by definition you are not working on something else.
The trouble with time...As a single mother running a small business, whatever I was doing, I felt I should be doing something else. And that hasn't changed. There always seems to be a bit too much work, and I never quite get to the bottom of my list. So when I'm at the workshop I'm fretting that I'm not getting on with my current project redecorating my flat. While wielding sander and filler, I think I should be writing. While writing, it suddenly occurs to me I haven't done a blog post for ages...
Maybe I'm lacking in time management skills, though I'd prefer to think I'm attempting too much. What about you?*This is not written from experience. LuckilyI couldn't afford to give Equitable Life more than a trifle - or for that matter buy a spare flat.

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