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The Transit of the Empress

By Thebusinessgypsy @businessgypsy

“And there appeared a great wonder in the heavens; a woman clothed with the Sun, and the Moon under feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars. And she being with child cried, travailing in birth.” ~ Revelations 12: 1-2


Look towards the skies tomorrow and you will see a rare sight. The Transit of Venus on June 5th, 2012 will leave star gazers and beauty seekers mesmerized for hours as the planet Venus moves in front of our largest star, The Sun. This will be a sight to behold, and the energies associated with this event are even more important, for it is the Transit of the Empress.

The planet Venus is ruled by the Empress Tarot vibration. The Empress rules the subconscious mind and brings the power of creation and abundance. During the ruling of the Empress, we will feel the need to create and connect with others socially and subconsciously. Evolution of the collective consciousness is possible but only with the truth so during this period, search for the answers you seek with a calm, peaceful mind. Once the subconscious finds truth and serenity, the collective consciousness will finally experience Nirvana.

In addition to the strong vibration the Empress will bring during the Transit of Venus, the Numerological vibration of June 5th, 2012 will be right in step with the ruling vibration of the Empress. The vibration of 17/8 will enhance the want for subconscious connections brought forth by the Empress and stir up feelings for peace and beauty for all beings. 17/8 is also ruled by Aquarius, which is the age we are currently in, which will enhance the vibrations of the day, two fold. There will also be a need to meditate to find the answers to the questions you have for the collective consciousness. Let your mind wander and learn from your subconscious to finally be at peace.

The Empress (Venus) will be passing across our largest star, the Sun, on a day of a 17/8 vibration. In addition to the numerological significance of this day, the tarot symbolism brings us full circle. The day of the Transit of Venus is ruled by The Star tarot card. This card also has many symbolic references of the female embodiment, just like the Empress. Again, the subconscious mind is the main vibration of the Star tarot card and being one with the collective consciousness is the ultimate goal. Try to be open and release your stubborn side to let the calming vibrations in.

Throughout the day of the Transit of Venus, we should utilize the vibrations and energies of the Empress, the Star, and the Numerological vibration of 17/8 to enhance our subconscious minds to promote peace and social unity through meditation. So during the Transit of the Empress, take time to meditate outside, pulling in the energy of the Sun, our Star, and the unifying love of the Empress.

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. ~ Buddha

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