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The Top 10 Bathroom Design Trends for 2021

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores
The Top 10 Bathroom Design Trends for 2021

Your bathroom is your sanctuary, the place where you not only prepare to face the day, but also, where you relax at the end of it. When you are designing your bathroom space, opt for trendy decor and function – contemporary decor and accent pieces, cool colors and textures, modern vanities and other furnishings. This is the direction that many of the top bathroom design trends for 2021 have taken, emphasizing open areas, storage options, and fluctuations in color and patterns. With a little guidance, you can have a perfectly designed and trendy bathroom as well!

So let’s get right into it. Here are our picks for the top 10 best bathroom trends for 2021, courtesy of Trade Winds Imports.

a modern bath design for 2021

Wide Open Spaces

Bathroom spaces tend to be more compact than other areas of the home. This means that it is really easy to fill these spaces with furnishings and other items to promote functionality.

But for 2021, wide-open bathroom spaces are in. Try to resist cluttering your bathroom with too many pieces of furniture and self-care items. Instead, emphasize storage options that hide as much as possible.

The more clutter-free your bathroom, the more soothing the space will feel.

Tile Floors in Neutral Hues

Tile is an ideal material for bathroom floors because it is durable, easy to clean, and stands up to moisture well. The reason that 2021 is the year of neutral floor hues is because this provides a foundation for you to have fun with color in other ways in your bathroom.

Neutral hues that will be popular in 2021 bathroom designs include taupe, tan, cream, gray and eggshell.

Stay away from pure white as a tile floor color. Stark white tile is incredibly challenging to keep clean and maintain. Warm, neutral hues still get the job done in terms of understatement while still adding a bit of ambiance to the space.

Fun and Funky Vanities

Vanities are in for 2021 because they promote both fashion and function in your bathroom. From blue vanities with brass fixtures to minimalist vanity designs, choosing the right option depends on the amount of space you have in your bathroom.

Vanities allow you to centralize your self-care items and add a decorative element at the same time.

If you really want to step up your bathroom design game in 2021, then opt for a double vanity if you have the space to accommodate it. Double sink vanities not only give everyone their own area in which to store items, but also, provide more counter space on which to include interesting decor.

Match Your Mood With Color

Color never goes out of style and 2021 is no exception. However, what is different about this year is that color will characterize mood.

If your bathroom is meant to be a soothing space, then shades of light blues or greens as accent colors is the way to go. If your bathroom is where you empower yourself for the day, then accent with power colors like yellow or red.

Oversized, Freestanding Bathtubs

Bathtubs are detaching from the rest of the bathroom in 2021. Extra-large, freestanding bathtubs are a core part of evolving bathroom design trends. One of the reasons this tub style is so popular is because it allows for options in terms of shape and size.

The only consideration for this bathroom design trend is determining where to place the tub. Make sure that when choosing the size, you opt for something your bathroom space can accommodate without overcrowding everything.

modern bathroom designs include spacious spaces with light airy colors and natural hues


Integrated Vanity Lighting

Integrated bathroom lighting can be incorporated into bathroom design on a vanity, along the ceiling of the space, or around the bathroom mirror.

The core component of this bathroom design trend is incorporating the lighting into the room in function, form, and decor. In 2021, integrated lighting around the mirror is especially trendy since it adds an ethereal glow to your entire bathroom.

You might also throw in some accent lighting if you want to brighten the space when you are using it.

If you really want to control the lighting, opt for a dimmer so you can adjust lighting levels accordingly.

Wood Accents

Wood accents are a top bathroom design trend for 2021 because they give your bathroom a natural, earthy feel. This also matches with the tile trend of incorporating neutral hues on the floor.

Use wood accents to decorate bathroom countertops or as planters to add some greenery to the room. You might also opt for wood as a material for shelving and cabinets.

Just be sure to choose a wood that matches the rest of the decor. For instance, if your floor tile and decor are lightly colored, then avoid heavy and oppressive wood material options for accents.

Compact Storage

Storage is an ongoing bathroom design trend and 2021 is no exception. The only difference this year is that bathroom storage is emphasized through compact options.

The more compact the storage, the more open and airy the bathroom will be. Think over-toilet storage options, under-sink baskets that double as storage and decor. Shelving also qualifies as it takes up very little space, but offers big storage for little bathroom items especially.

Frameless Shower Doors

One of the reasons that frameless shower doors are popular for 2021 bathroom designs is because they help the entire shower to blend into space.

Frames make it clear that the shower is a separate structure in the bathroom. Removing the frame integrates the shower into the entire room and makes the design much more cohesive.

Very Vintage Fixtures

Vintage bathroom fixtures are in for 2021 because they add a sense of style to your space. From antique vanity bath knobs (usually in brass or nickel) to visible copper shower pipes, having fun with fixtures is an ideal way to pick up on a trend while also adding your own twist to it.

One of the best parts about opting for vintage fixtures is the enjoyment you’ll have in seeking them out. Comb through vintage stores and check out online boutiques that specialize in vintage finds. There’s nothing quite like the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel when you find just the right piece for your bathroom decor.

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