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The Tomorrows World Approximation

By Dynamicreality @Carl_ball

Before nicotine and glucose altered my neuron pathways,  I used to love tomorrows world BBC 1965-2003

For those unfamiliar, tomorrows world was a long running TV show which showcased the latest in science and technology, often using the presenters as guinea pigs. It bravely attempted to predict the technological future …

Unfortunately these predictions were a tad far-fetched, as the retinas haven’t witnessed a car that folds into a suitcase in the showrooms lately and people were definitely not flying about on hoverboards last time I checked

Anyhow I wanted to give a few predictions for the future, then in the future I can look back and see how I did…

Lets begin…

Google, Apple and Microsoft will become the superpowers of the future, you will all have to choose where your allegiances lie and sell your soul accordingly..

Information is power in an information age and these companies have lots of it…

potential future offerings include…. Take a look and choose carefully :-/




I’m sticking with Google and it’s androids of the future…

Here are some other brief neural impulses about the future 

Tangible media will not exist, CD’s, Blu-Ray’s, DVD’s will become a distant memory in the lineage of the past… all media will be stored digitally as its cheaper and not subject to deterioration over time

People will eventually perfect indoors…….old brains constantly tell you that you should go outside, see the world, breathe the fresh air, get some sunshine….. It’s rubbish. If we were meant to be outside humans wouldn’t have spent thousands of years trying to perfect inside… In a world suppressed by fear, people want to remain indoors where it’s safe and comfortable… In the future you will be able to do everything without leaving your home. You will be able to visit virtual shopping malls, play sports and experience the sights and sounds from anywhere on this tiny planet whilst your body remains safely planted at home.

Life expectancy will remain generally constant as natural health diminishes and artificial health improves

Cosmetic surgery will become commonplace You will be able to have your outside persona reflect your inside persona  (fake)  far more cheaply and with more accuracy than ever before… So you can at least look happy even though you’re not…

If you have an predictions for the future of this puny race living on this speck of dust floating in an ever-expanding universe, please enlighten my neurons in the comments below

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