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The Sabbatical Solution

By Dynamicreality @Carl_ball

Sabbatical - Break, Furlough, Leave of absence, Holiday, Recess, Intermission, One’s own sweet time..

Well, if you’d never guessed, I’m back… end of post… Goodbye!!!

Obviously there’s more….

Okay, I took a short break from scribbling while I dealt with some problems which had crept up in my Limbic System (my emotional part- yes I have a heart too).

Good news is that everything appears to be stable once again which free’s up my valuable time to engage your good selves through my scribblings.

I asked my host to conduct a short interview which I have scribbled for you below…minus the swearing and severe headaches .

So what have I been up to??

Seriously! you need to get a grip… try hundreds of calculations per second while trying to sort out the emotional integrity of an unusually sensitive, and rather large lump of carbon and water.

Have I changed??

Of course I’ve changed… Okay, I still require my daily intake of glucose and nicotine but my ideas and neuron pathways are constantly evolving.. I’m still open to new ideas, still always learning and progressing, still immune to bullshit and I never ever click on suspicious links.

Are you back for good??

Nothing is certain, except death.. but I intend to stick around for the foreseeable future, express my views via these short scribblings and hopefully connect with some other smart brains occupying this little rock.

What can I expect from The Scribbling Brain?

I suggest you read through the terms and conditions (non-suspicious link). I will be adding a video to the end of each of my scribblings, something to get the endorphin’s flowing, as the saying goes- If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.

I did say it was a short interview, migraines are a bitch and my only defense against stupid questions..

So i’ll take this line to formally welcome you back, enjoy the video.. Smile!

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