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The Times- They Are a Changin

By Elliemendz @EllieMendz
Greetings, friends. It's Bree.
The last few weeks have been an interesting chain of events.  I would say the biggest catalyst was my accepting a new job a little over 2 weeks ago. While I was excited (still am) to move on, I knew it would be difficult to say good-bye to my Co-Worker. He had been absent from work due to a vacation and his daughter being ill. I didn't get to see him on Friday, which was my last day.
I realize in my heart that perhaps this is Fate's way of saying "you two are done". Since he has his children staying with him over the summer, I believe I may not see him at all until fall. I keep thinking that our brief time together is over. It's too bad. He's a great guy and I enjoyed spending time with him. I wish him the best.
I've seen Mac Guy a few times during the last couple of weeks. He has out-of-town friends staying with him. They got to Vegas last week. I wish I could have tagged along but I was training my replacement. Also, that would be a loss of (significant) income as I didn't have any paid time off. It's been interesting hanging out with him and his friends. His friends are Eastern European and speak limited English. During our hangouts, I felt a bit out of place with the language barrier. I'm supposed to see him and his friends later which hopefully, will be less awkward.
Lastly, I've seen the Comedian a couple times. The most memorable was last Thursday night. My sister hosts a book club in which the Comedian is a member. Last month, he pretty much said hi and ignored me the entire evening. I don't know what his deal is but he pulled a 180 last week. He was holding hands and had his arm around me much of the evening, not to mention an occasional affectionate gesture. WTF?!
I stopped asking why a long time ago and just went with it. He gave me quite a send off before we drove (separately) back to our homes. I'm supposed to see him later this week. We'll see what happens especially after "The Rules" for men and this recent PDA display.
Unfortunately, there are no new prospects on my horizon. I do have a birthday celebration planned (none of my beaux are invited) and a wedding to attend. Mac Guy's best friend is getting married. I have figured out which dress I will be wearing and plan on getting smashed.
Let's hope that things get more heated soon.
Happy Independence Day! (I'll be celebrating my independence in spades.)

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