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Decision Theory

By Elliemendz @EllieMendz
"Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen."- Ralph Waldo Emerson 
Hey friends! It's Bree here. I've been attempting to create a flow chart for this blog's entry but decided it was taking too long.
I've decided to be more logical and follow a flow chart process in screening out potential suitors. 
Here are my must-haves and deal breakers:
  • Single, not in a relationship, not separated
  • 35 years old and under
  • Has no children
  • Does not do drugs
  • Has at least an average IQ
  • Gainfully employed or is currently seeking employment
  • Can make me laugh
  • Has decent social skills
  • Is not a geek and/or a nerd
  • Does not embarrass me in public
  • Does not live with parents
  • Does not live with ex-girlfriend or ex-wife
  • Is looking for a long-term relationship
  • Is physically and intellectually attractive to me
  • Reads real books occasionally (magazines, comic books, and cereal boxes don't count)
  • Is not clinically crazy
  • Is ambitious
I really don't think I am asking for the Holy Grail here.
During the last two weeks, AP has made futile attempts of contacting me. I ended up blocking him. Thank you, Google Voice! You would think after blocking someone and ignoring them, that he'd get a clue. I am not interested in him! He had sent me an e-mail a few days ago saying how much he enjoyed meeting me and that I'm cute. *Sigh of exasperated disgust*
Things are going well (enough) for The Writer and me. We continue to enjoy our non-relationship. I had an epiphany last night while watching a movie. I finally understand the term "ugly sexy". That's what he is!
I also decided to put my search for a boyfriend on hiatus. I think I'm not quite ready for such a commitment and so I'm planning on focusing my energies on self-improvement and writing. As my spiritual counselor has told me, I should enjoy my time as a single woman and my freedom. I think she's very wise and absolutely right.
Until next time, cheers!

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