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The Thrill is Gone: 5 Signs That It’s Time to Walk Away

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie

The Thrill is Gone: 5 Signs that it’s Time to Walk AwayAs I mentioned before, this previous weekend provided me with topics and inspiration to write. I have a list of at least 50 topics that I planned to write about and this was one of them. There are times when we stay in situations way longer then we should. We hope that things will work out and we try our best to psych ourselves into thinking that everything will be fine. I’ve done it, and anyone who knows themselves and their partner knows when the end is near.  When I reflect on my past relationships I have come up 5 signs that tells me, girl it’s time to walk away, the thrill is gone (In my B.B. King voice)!

You wake up in the morning and think to yourself “what the hell am I doing”. When you have to question the reasons you’re with someone and when you don’t feel some form of happiness laying next to them, it’s coming to an end.

When you don’t care about their whereabouts, what they’re doing and who they’re doing it with. The ship has pretty much sunk and the fat lady has hit her last high note. I tell my friends all the time, don’t get mad and bothered when your partner asks you where you are or what time you’ll be home. The only time you should become worried is when they don’t. When you no longer desire sex with him/her and don’t care if they desire sex with you. It’s time to pack up your stilettos!

Remember all the phone calls and text messages you thought were so cute in the beginning? Now when your partner contacts you, you feel annoyed and actually feel like their bothering you.  You look at the phone, roll your eyes, and keep doing whatever it was you were doing. They simply become a non motherf***ing factor in your book.

Any discussion you have now turns into an argument or a disagreement. You’ll be amazed at how simple phrases like “how was your day” or “what’s for dinner” turns into a disagreement. When you become frustrated with someone everything about them turns you off, even the sound of their voice.

Your self esteem and self worth has become or is about to become shattered. Maybe your partner is cheating, maybe you feel taken advantage of, or maybe they’ve become the most discouraging a**hole you have ever met. Either way, nobody is worth a blow to your self esteem and self image.

These are the signs that I’ve experienced in the past. It doesn’t mean the relationship is over but it does signify that the end is approaching. Either the relationship needs serious help or you don’t care enough to work it out. There hasn’t been one relationship or situation that I have been in and didn’t sense the end was near.  Some people stay and try to force the relationship to work even though the signs are there. Others, like me, adjust accordingly,  get the stilettos out, and start walking.

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