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The Sun and The Cloud

By Jyoti Arora @Jy0tiAr0ra

Look what I unearthed as I was doing a bit of housekeeping in my laptop’s document folder. A cute little story to be read to cute little ones. I had almost forgotten it. But now I remember, this one was written as a sample for the publisher I used to work with.  

Well I know that anybody reading this blog cannot be a five or six year old kiddo. But you might have one such little being in your home or family who delights in listening to stories. Here’s one for him or her


A moral might very easily be attached to it. But I’m not putting it here because I know my readers would very well be able to form it up themselves and impart it to their little dear ones as they deem fit.

Well then, here’s the story:

~*~ The Sun And The Cloud~*~

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One day the sun was shining brightly. It looked beautiful in the blue sky. All the birds were singing sweet songs to it.

Just then, a bad black cloud came.

‘Little birds, sing for me too,’ it said to the birds.

‘No., you make rain and thunder. Your thunder scares us. Your rain makes our wings wet. Then we cannot fly. So we will not sing for you. We will sing only for the sun,’ said the birds.

‘Then I will hide the sun,’ said the bad cloud. It was very big. It came in front of the sun and hid the sun. Now nobody could see the sun. The birds became very sad. They stopped singing.

‘Don’t worry, little birds,’ the sun said to them. ‘The cloud is only hiding me. But it won’t be here forever. It will go away. And then I will start shining again.’

‘I will never let you shine again,’ said the bad cloud.

It stood there for a some time. Just then the  Wind came running. It was running very fast. All the clouds were scared of the wind. The wind was strong. It could throw them anywhere it liked. The bad black cloud saw the wind. It was scared too. It ran away at once.

The sun was no longer hidden. Once again it started shining brightly. And all the birds started singing again.

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