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The 'Stuck' Generation

By The Contender @The__Contender

Stuck Generation


I am now at the grand old age of 37. I have been fortunate to receive a good education at a low cost (well I got a small bursary to help me through). The generation before had it for free but places were limited and more of the generation following me have had access to higher education but had to pay through the nose for it.
Our hard working 'frugal' Granddad's and Grandma's silent / artist generation (80+) used to war and service left behind a strong economy and institutions.  Fortunate was the next generation, the baby boomers,  to inherit, exploit, enjoy and ultimately abuse such strong economy and well accepted institutions.
'Prophet - Baby Boomers' now covet and hoard the managerial positions in work. This leaves my generation Generation X, or Nomads - The Lost Generation, as 'willing slaves' chasing the dangling carrot of a managerial job at much lower pay and benefits before us - Click here for an interesting BBC article.
We are voting with our feet and leaving the workforce in droves disenchanted by all of the 'old' hanger on  managers that believe they deserve their holidays in the sun. Just happens their search for sun is the other side of the planet. The cost of getting there would feed numerous families in poverty for several years. A $ a day living cost versus a $6,000 holiday - bull****! And what about the generation after the nomads, Gen Y, or Millennial(HERO generation!).

Stuck Generation

We have failed them even further. Debt, Debt, Debt. Having got the university education after they have been told - you must go, even if it is completely the wrong thing to do. Perhaps different skills were better for a large number of students. It is the right thing to do.
As for those who were suited to the high education 1. They had to pay an awful lot for it and 2. Good luck in getting a high paying job afterwards. Let's not forget you are last in the queue for a promotion, you are lucky to have a job and you are learning on the job to be the next leader. No pay rises for you then! You are one of the lucky ones.
Now you want a car, house even a family. That is not allowed until you pay your debts. Actually let's forget that get some more debt - interest free for 3 months then 30% from there on - bargain! 8 x your earnings for a shoe box - we are not building housing quick enough you know. Buy now sign on the dotted line.
Please do not forget to pay for the debt of the generations before you turn out the lights.
Is it me or are things f***-ed up or what? Why is a 2-bed flat sold for $500,000? Why does it cost $50,000 to get a 3 year degree when books are available on the internet at almost no cost. Why consume, consume, consume, because there is nothing else to do, is there? At least that is what we are being told - it is for the good of the economy.
What world for the kids?
Our children? The ARTIST generation. Can they help to create a fairer society? Are they going to have to endure hardships, frugality and servitude like the previous artist generation (born around the 1930's)? All we can do as parents is help them thrive as human beings by exposing them to experience and helping them to learn as many life skills as possible.

Stuck Generation

Source: TheResilientFamily

We want to make sure they have some sort of inheritance to help them along the way. Can we teach thrift and saving as a virtue in their mindsets - should we even interfere? Ideally we will provide them with a modest income from some investments help provide a financial education and hopefully some knowledge to use it to fulfill their dreams.
Alternatively will 'pampering' be the completely wrong approach. The gift of knowledge and wisdom is often given through hardship.....leave them alone, we f***** it up so why would we know best?
What type of world are we building for THE.FuTuRe? What will they think of us? Corporate ladders, fiat money, greed is good. What have we done? 
Peace, prosperity and happiness

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