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The Spoon Sensation.

By Notquitecarrie @OliviaMackinnon

The spoon sensation.

I know it’s not just me.

I know you read this title and smiled, fondly casting your mind back to the last time you were caught in this oh so snuggly pozzy.

Being little spoon to a guy with big arms, a warm nook and a good outer ‘big spoon’ shell is pretty much one of the greatest things ever. You feel safe, warm, protected – like no-one can get you. It’s like a safe haven – and I don’t know a girl who wouldn’t choose spooning as her ultimate position of choice. (Snooki for one loves it. Me thinks Snooki junior was conceived in this position – it can be done.)

So – if you aren’t permanently blessed with a big-armed lad in which to lay with, are you still entitled to spooning privileges – or are you destined to lay in the fetal position, in an attempt to warm your cold bed without any form of muscle-aid?

More to the point, is spooning off limits when you’re sans a tall and sexy man of your own – and you only have the occasional bed buddy to indulge your desires? Can you really expect a casual fling to fulfill what’s considered a boyfriend-brand of snuggle? I don’t know that they’d be all that into that.

A good male friend of mine always said that you can tell how much a guy really likes a girl by the way he acts just after ‘the act’ – he explained that if the guy rolls over and commences snoring at an insanely high decibel, odds are his affections aren’t running off the richter. Though, my friend added that not many blokes are capable of much else straight after – as they often liken the post-act feeling to the wind being knocked out of them – in a good way, and girls shouldn’t take it too much to heart if it happens to them.

On the other hand – if your man drops to his back, takes a moment to recover and then commences serious snuggle or spooning-mode, odds are you’ve got a keeper on your hands. A keeper that’s pretty crazy about you, you hear? Because my friend assured me, that no guy, repeat - no guy feels even a slight inclination to get their spoon on post-deed. The intimate moment is over – you know, for at least another 20 minutes or so.

The spoon sensation.



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