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The Sperm With A Perm – He’s A Game Gamete!

By Gingerfightback @Gingerfightback


Gingerfightback is pleased to announce that  The Sperm With A Perm will be providing a regular update on his hopes and fears for impregnation. So, without further ado, over to you Sperm With A Perm!

Hi Everyone!

Boy am I excited to be writing for Gingerfightback! In fact I get excited about everything! I go all wriggly and start bumping into my 120 million relations! Big Family or What! Got me hair done special too! I love a perm!

I can’t wait to get my chance at sentient life! Think of all the things to look forward to! Having a name! Dandruff! Chewing! Learning Spanish! Gripping things! Getting a bag caught on the armrest of a train! ONIONS! Inappropriate comments! Clothes!

Just gotta find an egg and let my 23 chromosomes do their best!

Hang on! I can hear MC Hammer being cranked up on the stereo! Always a sign with this lad!

Must Go!

Right……Ready Or Not…..Here I Come!


You Can’t Touch This!

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