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The Smart Girl’s Ibiza Clubbing Bible

By Smartgirltravel @SmartGirlTravel

Book now for summer 2012!

Mark my words, party animal.  Before you go and party your head off in Ibiza, read The Smart Girl’s Ibiza Clubbing bible, because in Ibiza, you don’t just turn up somewhere uninvited.  This is a comprehensive guide made for Ibiza clubbing virgins – don’t infringe it and don’t lose it.  Bookmark this now and follow my guidelines for the party holiday of a lifetime.

Ibiza Clubbing Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Ok, so you’ve found yourself some cheap flights to Ibiza (tick) and you’ve unearthed a surprisingly affordable beach front apartment (major tick), you’ve sorted your travel insurance (just in case you party too hard and pass out face first in the sand) and you’ve even revamped your Ibiza wardrobe to mix in with all the trendy clubbers on the white isle.  So that’s all the boxes ticked, right?

No actually, that’s just the beginning.  When it comes to clubbing in Ibiza, you’d better forget tarting up in kitten heels and turning up at the door.  Firstly, you don’t want to be wearing heels in Ibiza (very uncool) but more importantly, if you’re not on the guest list, you’re in for a long queue.  And if you don’t arrive early enough, the queue could wind up costing you twice the price for twice the waiting time.  

So here’s the Ibiza clubbing lowdown:
Planning and Booking


Every night you’re in Ibiza, there will be something happening on the island – in fact there’ll be a million parties going on. You won’t be at a loss whatever time or day it is, and the Ibiza Spotlight website should be your first port of call.  Here you will find the official Ibiza party calendar which highlights all the club nights and lets you purchase most of the event tickets online.  Prices for big club nights will vary from a reasonable €30 to purse-pinching €70 (ouch!) but I assure you these massive club nights are worth every hard-earned penny! 
Buying your tickets through the official Ibiza Spotlight website will give you the great advantage of queue-jumping on arrival and it really is peace of mind that you’ve got your tickets sorted.  But it’s not always the best idea to book ahead, and here’s why…..
But Hang Fire for the Deals! 
So this is where you have to decide which tickets you want to secure through Ibiza Spotlight (I would usually buy one or two of the major nights before I fly, but it’s completely up to you).  Once you hit the beaches, you will be approached by many club promoters – perhaps to the point where you will become sick of it – but you can grab some great deals if you’re lucky.  Many of the club promoters can offer you club night tickets which also include all-you-can-drink pre party bars and free transport to the club.  Buy several club nights from the same promoter and you could pocket yourself a nice little discount. 


Clubbers beware! There are also many fake club promoters on the beach so always ask for their club promoter ID card, or even ask to visit the pre party venue if it’s close. There are also many club promoters hooking clubbers in with free tickets to other nights but always check the small print as many free tickets will have a time restriction (eg: entry before 12am or full price on the door). 
The Price of Alcohol
It’s not just the club tickets which will set you back – you will also have to fork out for the pricey drinks which could wound your wad by €10+ for a vodka and lemonade in Ibiza Town or €25+ for the same in a club.  You could also expect to pay €7 or €8 for a bottle of water too once you’re inside big clubs like Space, Pacha or Amnesia so don’t travel without cash in hand! 
These extortionate prices make pre party all-you-can drink venues (which include transport) extremely popular amongst clubbers, so remember to look out for bargains on the beach!  
Ibiza Clubbing Dress Code
If I have one piece of advice, it’s “Don’t wear heels.”  If I have a second piece of advice, it’s “Ever.”  Not only will you find them uncomfortable after hours of hardcore dancing but they are generally not worn by the trendy fashionistas of the clubbing isle.  It’s all about the sexy flats, subtle wedges and summery sandals, but when it comes to what dress / top / skirt to wear, it’s generally anything goes (as long as you don’t turn up in a thong and nipple tassels).
Be wild, be crazy and be creative with your outfits and don’t be afraid to search the internet for inspiration before you pack your bags.  It’s all about dressing to impress – but think trendy not trashy.


Have fun in Ibiza! Love from The Smart Girl’s Travel Guide!

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