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The Six Week Rule

By Notquitecarrie @OliviaMackinnon


The six week rule

Oh no, it’s not a D-grade news show that doesn’t make us laugh, but kind of makes us cry – it’s a more-common-than-you-know rule adopted by some of the fellas you know out there. Yep, a good friend of mine is playing the game at the moment, and although I haven’t cornered him to get the 411 – I think I can pretty much dissect the behavior – hell, I know I can.

You see, this friend of mine, I’ve seen him with lots of different girls, not in a skanky way – more in an indecisive – want to sample many pieces of the pie kind-of-a-way (perhaps even a nibble of everything in the bakery.) I never really noticed that no girl was ever seen again after the six week mark. I don’t mean he offed them – oh no, I just mean they were just never seen with him – like ever, ever again.

I didn’t quite know what he was playing at – but suddenly it’s become kind of clear.

You see, this friend of mine – he is very, very good looking. I’m not even just saying it – like he is crazy good looking. Word! And surprisingly he’s still a great guy – go figure, right? So to him, finding great girls isn’t really an issue. It seems to me that he’s not really to settle down, just like a good few of us you may know and love. Nope, he doesn’t want to settle, but he likes what having a girlfriend-type of partner means. You know, sex on tap, cute dinner dates, a sunday night cuddle and a kiss whenever you want one.

These girls think all of their Christmases have come at once – and Santa must think they’ve been fucking saints this year.

What they’re not betting on, is that when six weeks hit, Mr. Man will stop answering their calls, fail to return their text messages and seemingly disappear from the face of the earth. Bummer, right?

Why does he do this? To protect her it seems – and himself I’m guessing. A rule like this one screams of commitment issues – but even that is too obvious for my liking. I think it’s more the fact that he figures it’s easier to hurt someone only six weeks in, that it is to crush her with his issues further down the track.

It’s tricky, it’s nasty and it’s not fair – but I bet you know someone who has a rule like this. And you can’t help but wonder, are they going to do themselves more harm than good – or is he ultimately the one who’s going to end up alone? There’s some food for thought yo.

The six week rule




Do you know someone who plays this game?

Do you think there is method to the madness?

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