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The Single Life: Things Single People Need To Stop Saying

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie

Things single women need to stop sayingNormally when I do my daily reading of blogs that I follow and other articles, I can relate to most of what people are writing about depending on the category. But today, I stumbled upon this article on The Frisky entitled “16 Things Single People Need to Stop Saying”. The article wasn’t much on words but the GIF’s used were absolutely hilarious. Anyway, after viewing the article, I couldn’t believe how spot on it was. I have literally heard someone say all of the 16 phrases that single women seem to use too frequently.

After laughing at the GIF’s for about 15 minutes, I decided to share my favorites with you. Even yours truly is guilty of saying some of these things at one point in time. As we all may very well know, it’s all bullshit, and we totally don’t mean a word of it. We say these phrases to make ourselves feel better or out of anger. Do we really mean it? Hell no!

So here are my favorites from the list of things single people need to stop saying

I will die alone or I’m better off alone

I’ve probably used these phrases a few times before I learned the power of words. If you keep telling people you will die alone or you’re better off alone then that’s exactly what you’ll be, old, decrepit, and alone. Literally speaking, most of us are born alone and most of us will die alone so I guess the phrase “I will die alone” has some truth to it. If you got some issues you’re working on then yes, you probably are better off alone but only until you work your shit out. If I’ve learned nothing else over the years, I’ve learned that words have power.

Dating is a waste of time

This is so hilarious! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said I’m through with dating and it’s a waste of time only to end up on a date that same weekend. This is one old habit that dies hard! We constantly make this statement only to end up on a date as soon as anyone with potential crosses our path. When it doesn’t work out; we then start the cycle all over again. We stand proud and claim that “dating is a waste of time” and “I’m done with dating”. When someone with potential comes alone we begin to sing an entirely different tune.

My eggs are rotting

Chances are if you’re eggs are rotting; by the time you fall in love, get married, and even consider children; your eggs will be scrambled. If your soul purpose for looking for Mr. or Ms. Right is to have children then I must remind you of the marvelous advancements that have been made in fertility over the years. Honestly, you really don’t need a man, marriage or anything in between to have kids anymore. You only need a sperm bank and a turkey baster. You can worry about finding a father later. The good thing is you made good use of your eggs before they rotted out.

Things would be easier if I were gay

I’ve heard this statement on more than one occasion as well. Obviously the women who make this comment haven’t followed the news and all the hoopla surrounding gay marriage. I’m all for love where you find it, but having to defend your relationship to the world, society, the government, and sometimes friends/family is often not easy. But as they say, anything worth fighting for is never easy and that includes love. There has been some serious misinformation here because last I checked gay/lesbian relationships present problems as well. On another note, you just don’t wake up one morning and say “hey, I’m going to be a lesbian” because it’s easier (raised eyebrow).

All the good ones are taken

Just because someone is in a relationship doesn’t mean they’re a good person, nor does it mean that they’re good to their partner. Number one lesson; just because someone acts like they’re a contender for the best partner of the year award doesn’t mean they are behind closed doors. If I’ve learned anything from Lifetime movies is that the men who abuse their girlfriends/wives are often perceived as a devoted and loving partner until they end up dead and buried in the backyard. So you don’t know if the taken is actually good or not. Because there are plenty of people running around with people who treat them like crap.

Are you guilty of saying some of these phrases?

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