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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

By Juliasophied @JuliaSophieD

I haven't been to the cinema to see new films lately. But that's not too bad because this means I finally got a little time to catch up on all the ones that I never saw but always wanted to see.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is one of these films on my Watchlist, I even had the DVD for a while already and now I've finally seen it.

And I enjoyed it so much! It is so relatable and I will tell you why after a short summary for those who don't know what the film is about.

The film is - who would have thought - the story Walter Mitty who is day-dreamer working in the photo archives of a magazine calles LIFE. He escapes his boring life by descending into his fantasy world which is filled with adventures and love. But one day, when his and lots of other jobs at the magazine are threatened he goes on an adventure that turns out to be even better than the ones in his mind.

I was very touched by the film because I am a very dreamy person myself. Sometimes I imagine these great things happening to me or I dream of being someone else. Who doesn't? And occasionally, when returning to the real world I don't even know if the stuff I just imagined really happened or not.
I reckon this is why I felt so close to Walter Mitty straight from the beginning and rooted for him throughout his whole journey. I wanted him to become a hero and hence I was very pleased when he became one in some way.

I was only a bit sad, that the film was lacking substance. One could have made much more out of the story. That's why I rated it with only four hearts.

But it is certainly a film you should have watched at least once. The pictures are amazing. They filmed a lot of it in Iceland and the scenery is just stunning. What's also great is that in the film you get to see another side of Ben Stiller. He doesn't play the dumb, funny guy again instead he plays a real character. Someone who struggles with his life but tries to make the best out of it.

I love stories about ordinary people who become extraordinary human beings because they make their dreams come true. Films like this tell us, that we should probably stop dreaming and start living.

Don't dream your life - live your dream!

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