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Goodbye Julia's Review Blog, Hello Jolly Symphony!

By Juliasophied @JuliaSophieD
Come along - the blog is moving. Goodbye Julia's Review Blog, hello Jolly Symphony!
It is a new chapter and it is about time. I wanted to change the name of the blog for quite a while already. I realised that I've gone from writing only reviews to writing about a lot more things and that it wasn't fitting anymore so I started to search for something else. One day, this came into my mind:
Goodbye Julia's Review Blog, hello Jolly Symphony!
I quite liked it and afew days later I loved it - there the journey to the new home began. When you give something a new name why not give it a makeover as well?
And this is why there is now a brand new blog which you will find at

Please come along! All the post from here moved as well, hence you can find everything else over there as well. I will be posting as usual but only on the new page from now on.
I hope you will move with me, see you on Jolly Symphony.
Lots of love
Julia x

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