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The Secret Circle 1x08: Beneath

Posted on the 06 November 2011 by Tvgeek @TVGeek_blog

The Secret Circle 1x08: Beneath

Original Air Date: 13 November 2011

Storyline: After not hearing from her grandmother for a couple of days, Cassie becomes concerned and wants to go look for her. Diana decides the entire Circle should go in case Jane is in trouble. Cassie also invites Jake along, much to Adam's dismay. A storm turns the day trip into an overnight excursion, so Faye suggests a little game of Truth or Dare to liven up the evening. However, things take a horrible turn when Faye is forced to reckon with someone from her past.Best Quote:

Faye: You are a one-woman relationship wrecking crew.
Cassie: And you are a bitchy, spoiled little girl who wants to blame me for all of your problems instead of just looking in the mirror.

Review: In the aftermath of the Circle's almost elimination, seeking answers about who would want to come after then is important, but they can't do that on their own. The biggest problem is that Jane, Cassie's grandmother, is not answering her phone, nor is the other elder we know about, Faye's grandfather, so they take a road trip that not only leads to a gruesome discovery, but also to the Circle finding out about Cassie's ability to do magic by herself.

I've been complaining about the slow pace of this show, and this week's installment is not too far from that, despite the episode being quite action-packed. I have no idea how to explain it - it's just that, although there are a lot of things going on, the sense of urgency lacks somehow and neither one of the characters that can bring that - Charles Meade, Dawn, Jake or Isaac - does it.
Despite that, I enjoyed this episode quite a bit. It was great to see the focus shift to Faye for a chance - she's only been portrayed as the bad girl, but instead she's actually pretty insecure and tends to blame everyone but herself for her problems. Her insecurity comes into play quite well when she starts seeing things from her past, as well as when Diana dares Cassie to kiss Jake: nowadays, everything that happens to her must be Cassie's fault - the demons and which hunters started to come after the Circle after Cassie came to town and, as per Faye, she's "a one-woman relationship wrecking crew", going after both Adam and Jake.
I;m not a fan of teen drama, and this show is giving us a lot of that, but this week's game of Truth or Dare, destined to get them more acquainted with each other, was pretty intense and affected all of them. Cassie kissing Jake was not only the spark that lit Faye's jealousy, but also contributed to Diana's belief that Adam and her need to stay apart. It was a test for Cassie, but at the same time one for Adam, and he failed with flying colors. Adam's situation sometimes reminds me why I think all men are alike: he wants it all, he doesn't want to lose Diana, but neither does he want Cassie to be with anyone else. Get it together, dude!
Cassie and Jake actually have great chemistry. of course, there's the whole witch hunter stuff, but I don't give it long before Jake reconsiders his allegiance to JR Bourne's character. After all, Cassie may come from dark magic, but can anyone really resist her cuteness? Nevertheless, hooking up with Jake would be like Beverly Hills, 90210 and Melrose Place all over again: a group of friends who start dating each other. Not something I would want to see on television again.
But one cannot deny that there's some sort of attraction between Cassie and Jake. After all, the magic they did together was similar to what Cassie and Adam did in the pilot episode, only that it looked a lot more intense and it involved fire. Who knew doing spells with someone else can be kind of orgasmic?
But the best part of the episode was Faye's grandfather communicating with her from beyond the grave - or the lake - through her childhood memories. Since he wasn't killed "properly", his magic was left behind for his granddaughter to tap into. And Cassie being able to see the same things Faye did was beyond cool, that girl has some powerful magic alright! 
I was excited about Charles finally growing a pair and freeing himself from Dawn's control. Standing up to her is something I've been expected ever since episode 2. And I kind of agree with him on Jane, she is "smug and self-righteous and dull". But where would all this mind control lead to? Will Charles and Dawn really be able to protect the kids without Jane's help?
And is Melissa turning into this series' Bonnie and will be on and off the screen for weeks? Not that I's mind, she's the most boring witch ever.
The preview for next week's episode shows Cassie possibly being abducted by Isaac and I can't wait to see what Jake's role in this will be. It should be a good one, especially since it's the last episode of the year.
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