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The Red Thread Approach to Innovation

Posted on the 21 February 2013 by Jureklepic @jkcallas

Life is full of challenges and sometimes we can lose perspective (and enthusiasm). A lack of belief in ourselves and what we can accomplish can stand in the way of long-term success. Instead of shying away from our potential, we have to embrace it. All of us have the ability to tap our own knowledge and resources to develop ideas that lead to innovative improvements to everyday life. All you need is a little faith and the right set of tools.     

It can be difficult to come up with revolutionary ideas, but it is possible to create innovative ones that catch people’s attention—and improve their lives. In this video, Debra Kaye the author of Red Thread Thinking, explains that by identifying what’s wrong with a product or concept, you can tweak and rework it into something new. By taking time to consider the things that bother us in our own lives, we can begin the process of innovation.

By following the Red Thread Approach and examining everyday problems, you can better understand the minds of your fellow consumers.  In the video, Kaye highlights a problem that bothers her (not-so-cheap hybrid cars) and lays out a simple solution (a utilities partnership) to provide a route to lower prices.

As you watch the clip it becomes easy to understand why the Red Thread Approach as proven to be so successful. It is creative, clever and consistent. Unlike other methods that focus solely on what other people did to create successful products or campaigns, Red Thread Thinking teaches you how to innovate—using resources at your fingertips.

By implementing the Red Thread Approach, and using your knowledge and experience, you can become the next great innovator. Being a creative and original thinker is easy with the right tools and attitude. With a little practice and patience, you can tap your inner creative potential.

Have fun innovating.


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