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The Real Supermum Saved My Life

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

 Guardian Angel 38364 The Real Supermum Saved My Life

On the 15th of May this year I was diagnosed as bipolar. What the hell is that, it frightened me. I thought I  was just depressed and annoying at times but so much fun other times, like one of the kids. I didn’t have a clue what was happening to me. I got lost in the dark, scared and alone. It was a cold place to be so afraid of myself and others around me. How would the react ,will they judge me ? and sadly yes some have. But through my journey and I know for the rest of it, I have my guardian angel.

I found a very strong  and inspiring woman that has and is guiding me through all my ups and downs, she has held my hand through all my troubles. There was a bright light in the dark. I finally found my saviour, my hero, my guardian angel, Emma White , who most of you know as the Real Supermum online.

Through her own troubles, her blog writing and her advice and guidance I am slowly making my way out of the dark. I am begining to share my life with the world, with help of course.

She does not realize that she has literally saved my life on a few occasions where I have been so low I wanted to die and was going to do the unforgivable.

But without realising she held out her hand and stood me up and pointed me in the right direction, for that I  am eternally grateful.My only wish is that I could return the favour some day.

A x

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