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The Problem With Instagram And Influencers

By Rolala @rolalaloves
The Problem With Instagram And Influencers
I have made it no secret that I don't like Instagram. It has nothing to do with their ever changing algorithm or engagement. I could care less about that. It does have everything to do with the platform's failure to protect the privacy of it's users and the types of people it has created. The people I'm referring to are the influencers. I've never cared or paid much attention to Instagram influencers. In fact if there is something that they're all posting about, it usually gives me pause for suspicion since I'm aware of the monetization game and I know there is nothing genuine to back it up. It's something I usually just ignore but a recent series of atrocious behavior has been alarming to say the least because we're talking about crossing the lines of basic decency to outright grifting. What made me snap was all the influencers who thought it would be cool to "honor" the anniversary of 9/11 with posts promoting themselves and whatever product they were currently shilling. This is a day of immense tragedy and one that I still have a hard time with every year. The normal human thing to do would be to show support and respect if you're going to acknowledge it. Bt would really be better and more appropriate not to reference the anniversary at all than reduce it to a hashtag in relation to a self promotion. Some of these people took down their hashtags and/or posts after being criticized. But they never should have put them up in the first place. There was even one influencer who felt she was being unfairly called by haters who disagreed with her and were too opinionated. Like WTF!

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