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The Power of Making Amends.

By Jenrene

The Power of Making Amends.I don’t teach with my dad often, but I really loved it this one time. We make a good duo. Several of my family members are teachers from experience. we teach others by simply being humble enough to make amends to them for our wrongdoing. I remember the day, the hour, the way I felt tremendously renewed and validated by the humbling experience of hearing my dad apologize to me for making the mistakes he made as my father.

My father in a very relaxed state of mind.. a blessing, indeed.
It’s no secret to those who know me that my dad had an alcohol problem for several years. He is now a recovering alcoholic and has been in recovery for about 33 years. ( Yea dad!!) In about two weeks I will have come full circle as I face the part of my life that once held me hostage. I become a substance abuse/alcoholism therapist. Work with this particular population as social worker, has always been a sore spot for me. I guess it’s true when they say you have to rid the skeletons out of your closet before you can live freely again. I have had so many things I had to face personally in my life and overcome in order to accept this task before me today. Low self-esteem, confusion, hurt and pain and even some abuse in past relationships. Problems making good decisions, c0dependency issues and issues with my weight – and a host of other things. Now … looking back, I see I have endured these things in my life in order that someone else might benefit.

Wow… if I only knew to what degree!

Now, I look forward to life and embrace it every day because I have overcome these hardships. what do I take away most? I take away my sense of fortitude (my courage and bravery); my self-confidence is back , and I also have a strategy for those who have endured similar hardships.

I look at my dad today, and I am very proud of who he has become. I am even prouder that I am who I am today, and because he changed his life, so God has changed mine.


I had some trouble posting this video, but if you desire to see it and hear more about the power of forgiveness and confession of wrongdoing, just hit the link here….or catch it on the side bar – The Power of Making Amends.

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