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The Politics of Numbers

By Thebusinessgypsy @businessgypsy

The Politics of Numbers

Oh, another political season is in full swing. The ads. The speeches. The state by state campaign tours. It seems as though it is never-ending. This year is particularly overwhelming though, due to the introduction of Super PACs, where anonymous donors drown the political landscape with private money to fund advertisements filled with negative campaign slogans and malicious lies. Who really knows what is true or not when it comes to the candidates that are running for the seat of the President. Numbers though…numbers do not lie. Numerology is the art of using numbers to give us information on a certain situation or person, by giving us the exact vibration & energy of that number associated with the event or person. With so much false information swirling around on the Internet & television regarding President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney, Numerology is a way to find out who these two men really are.

Life Lesson Number – This represents the lessons you must learn in this lifetime. This number also represents the career path that you will likely follow.

Soul Number – This number gives us the vibration of the True Soul. It is what you secretly desire to be. Only you know who you truly are and others have a hard time seeing this. This number vibration can be so strong, it can trump any other number energy.

Outer Personality Number – This energy tells us what type of persona or personality to give off to the world, in order to mask the true identity of your true self. Our mannerisms and urges are expressed through this vibration and shows how we act towards the physical world around us.

Path of Destiny Number - This number vibration gives us the map to the path we must walk in life and what we should accomplish with the time we have on earth. This is what we were meant to do with the life we were given and who we are meant to be.

Willard Mitt Romney
Born: March 12, 1947

Life Lesson Number: 36/9

This number has a vibration and energy of patience and love for humanity. This number also holds a vibration on marriage and home life. Your love for your family and your home is very important to you. You know what it is to be patient and be persistent when it comes to what you want. You acquire money easily and large enterprises excite you, which would make you a great CEO. Foreign service fits you well along with being a statesman. Communication is key and when this is learned, you will find things come to you easier and quicker.

Soul Number: 30/3

You are a man of God and are bound by the Law of the Trinity. You are aware of your duty to bring hope & courage to the masses. You strive for security due to your love of the system. You are charming & agreeable and always strive to make your dreams come true. Money comes easily & you love the pleasures you are surrounded by. You are impartial to your wealth and because of this indifference, you turn to the Holy Spirit to find happiness & security. Large assignments are fun and exciting to you which gives you a sense of purpose.

Outer Personality Number: 57/12/3

You are a man of integrity but desire great pleasures. You believe that we create our own success & that negativity hinders the growth of success in the future. You are attractive, charming and hold wonderful conversations with others. You are sociable and draw a crowd where ever you go. Your popularity though will be your demise, due to jealousy and superficiality you portray. You have an unusual personality that is based upon spiritual analysis.

Path of Destiny Number: 42/6

This number has a vibration of a domestic home life, with family being at the center of everything you do and say. You are a generous soul that demands respect and honesty. You are proud of your possessions and like to show off the accomplishments and success of your family along with your own ventures. You like the luxuries in your life and you are always a good host. Family is the center of your being and you would do anything to protect them.

Barack Hussein Obama
Born: August 8, 1961

Life Lesson Number: 29/11

This number has a strong Karmic Vibration, leading you to live by the code of “Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself”. You have high standards and demand that others reach for these high standards as well. You must learn patience and cooperate with those who are on that journey towards the top. You would make an excellent teacher, philosopher or inspirational speaker, but in order to make it all the way, you must learn master ship of service while not letting the fame & notoriety get to your head. Teach balance through justice to overcome past obstacles to reach a new day.

Soul Number: 27/9

You have a strong spiritual energy, one from a past life. Your life is based on intuition and you have a strong sense of imagination. Many people find you obscure in your ideas and proposals, but at the heart of each decision, you lead with compassion and generosity. Your main goal is to uplift humanity by thinking in abstract terms while presenting new ideas. Your Soul requires love and to give love in order to succeed on the Earth Plain.

Outer Personality Number: 37/10/1

You are independent in nature and are capable of carrying out any task. You are a loner yet appear to be a leader and pioneer in your own right. You are an original human being who can figure out numerous problems with creativity and determination. You naturally attract success, love & honor, for you are always helping others with success, love & honor. You are wise beyond your years which can isolate others due to your expansive knowledge.

Path of Destiny Number: 37/10/1

You are a determined individual when it comes to turning a dream or idea into reality. You exude confidence & honesty, which allows others to rely on you when there is a task that needs to be accomplished. You handle money very well and you fight be successful at any cost. You need to feel free for you do not like being restrained, something that comes with being a natural born leader. You constantly assert yourself to being the best you can be while helping others reach their goals & dreams at the same time.

“Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.” ~ Albert Einstein

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