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The Perfect Storm

By Naomiestment @naomiestment

Golden Retriever puppy

“The Perfect Storm”: that’s what Dave called him yesterday – our two-month old Golden Retriever puppy, pictured above and below, whose name is Storm.

The Perfect Storm

There’s a special story attached to this. About 7 years ago Dave’s brother’s home was robbed and his adult Golden Retrievers tragically poisoned, leaving a litter of 1-day old puppies to fend for themselves. At a moment’s notice, a wonderful blind lady brought her Labrador (that had recently had pups) to act as a surrogate mother. Over a few hours, we witnessed the amazing process of this dog accepting the new puppies as her own, assisted by her breeder, who handled everything through tender touch and feel. By the following morning, they were a close-knit family, the pups proceeding to grow up perfectly.

Our little guy’s father was one of those puppies and a sibling of the two males that Dave’s brother kept. The lovely natured Lab who saved their lives was called Storm – a dog and name that we instinctively loved. So when we heard about this new litter, it simply seemed right to adopt a puppy and name him Storm, in her honor. More so after unexpectedly learning later that Storm shares my birthday


He is helping to fill the hole that Jina has left, since disappearing 7 weeks ago. Quest is certainly excited to have a new playmate, who is quickly getting acquainted and wasting no time in digging up our garden:

Adult dog with puppy

Quest & Storm saying Hello

Puppy and dog digging

Storm and Quest digging in

It’s fascinating to discover the differences between the dogs, whether individual or breed-related. Quest has never been a digger, avid swimmer nor retriever, all of which we suspect Storm will be. We anticipate plenty of muddy paws traipsing through the house, but perhaps we should count our blessings. As regular readers will know, Quest had particularly expensive taste as a puppy – car panels, gate motors, glasses and the like. All things considered, we’ll be happy if Storm stays focussed on the flowerbeds.

Regardless, though, there’s nothing to do but love both our boys


Male German Shepherd

Quest keeping a watchful eye on Storm

Puppy Golden Retriever

Storm in search of Fun, or is it Food?

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