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The Perfect Slice of Cake …It Is What It Is & Other BS Excuses

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie

The Perfect Slice of Cake …It Is What It Is & Other BS ExcusesWe have all at one point lived or dated under the mantra of having our “cake and eating it too” but at some point the cake runs out, you eat the last slice and it’s gone. We then go out and seek something substantial that’s more fulfilling and more satisfying. So one day you think you’ve found the perfect mate who makes all the slices of cake you’ve eaten seem worthless. It’s like a special connection or bond that ‘s unlike any other, you seem to click well, and you enjoy all the time that you’re spending together and you really think “damn, it could be something special here” NO MORE CAKE! That moment comes that you’ve been waiting for, months of dating will now turn into more and then that’s when you get hit with these statement:

You Deserve Better

Anyone who tells you this line is correct you do deserve better since they used such a sorry bullshit excuse. In some cases, this phrase could have some truth to it, especially if they have a history of being unfaithful or feel that somewhere they can’t meet your needs. Well let me rephrase that, everyone has the capability of meeting someone’s needs if they choose too. If someone uses this line, they need to be able to back it up with a solid answer. So ask, how is it that I deserve better? Anyone on the up and up should be able to give you solid reasons why and even then one would think that if I deserved better you should’ve left me alone months ago so better could’ve found me. Why waste my time and yours? Go out and get yourself another slice of cake.

The Perfect Slice of Cake …It Is What It Is & Other BS Excuses

It’s Not You It’s Me

The person telling you this is not telling you this to make you feel better. In fact, it does quite the opposite! They’re telling you this to make themselves feel better. This is the “I feel so guilty, so I’ll put the blame on me because I feel bad” response. In reality, they honestly don’t think they’ve done anything wrong. In most cases, it really is them but they’re to chicken shit to tell you the real reasons why they don’t want to be with you or either their so confused until they really don’t know themselves. This is the very best answer they could give. If you know that something is wrong with you, step out the dating ring for awhile and …leave the cake alone!

The Perfect Slice of Cake …It Is What It Is & Other BS Excuses

It Is What It Is

In a nutshell this translates to F**k the situation at hand and I have no plans on making it right. This goes for relationships, friendships, and everything else. People so loosely use this statement until I don’t think they know the true meaning, it is what you make it. If you’re at work and make a mistake and your boss points its out to you, will you look at your boss and say “oh well, it is what it is”? Hell no, you will work you’re your ass off to fix it. Anyone who values you as a person and values your presence in their life will work like hell to fix whatever problem there is especially if they created it. If anyone tells you this go out and buy yourself a whole cake! A Triple Chocolate 4 layer!

As they say “those who want to do will find away, those who don’t will find an excuse”

Sometimes it is something majorly involved that won’t allow the person to give you what you want but it’s up to you to decide if it’s a valid reason or just a lame excuse. If it’s that major, they shouldn’t be in the dating pool to begin with. It is important that you realize that you do deserve more than a few unacceptable bullshit lines. Head straight to the bakery and get a new cake, because I’m pretty sure the perfect slice of cake will come along and provide you with much needed comfort. Yum Yum!

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