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The Perfect Host

Posted on the 25 September 2011 by Raghavmodi @raghavmodi

The Perfect Host

There are movies that have everything going for them and yet sometimes the smallest of details stops them from attaining legendary status. Okay, so maybe The Perfect Host would not have reached legendary status, but it sure could have done much better with slight polishing of the script.
The Perfect Host, without giving up much, is about a one man home invasion gone wrong. David Hyde Pierce's character Warwick Wilson is about to host a dinner for friends when he has an unexpected guest in the form of a bank robber on the run, John Taylor played by Clayne Crawford. What follows is complete madness. The movie is a psychologist dream come true, but relies heavily on the script and more importantly on the performances by the two leads.
The Perfect Host

The script initially has shades of Six Degrees of Separation and slowly moves into the Swimming with Sharks territory. But, it doesn't come anywhere close to the brilliance of either of the two films. David Hyde Pierce gives a powerful performance as The Perfect Host and is probably the only saving grace for the entire film.
My problem with the movie is that it starts off well promising an intense psychological drama, but the last act turns it into a sort of con caper. Had the movie ended a good 15 minutes early it would have left the audience astounded and talking, but it unfortunately chooses a much safer and simpler end instead. There are twists mind you, but of the type that seem desperate and are not really required. For me the twists towards the end show that the makers did not have full faith in the movie, whereas they should have.
The Perfect Host

Nevertheless, David Hyde Pierce's fiendishly delicious performance makes this a must see film. If you want a small hint, think of him as Niles times 10 and then some.
2.5/5 Star Rating

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