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The Path is Narrow, Bumpy and Rough You’re Swimming ...

By Mike Bullock

the path

The  path  is  narrow, bumpy  and  rough
You’re  swimming  against  the  tide
And  many’s  the  time  you  will  fall  off
This  roller  coaster  ride
There’s  times  of  sorrow, times  of  joy
Life  certainly  isn’t  boring
You  wish  that  life  would  settle  down
So  you  could  stop  this  goring.

Each  desert  journey  helps  you  grow
You  learn  to  trust  in  Him
Who’s  been  there  many  times  before
His  strength  will  never  dim
You  will  give  Him  everything
For  all  of  ours  is  His
And  finally  give  your  striving  up
To  live  in  He  who  is.

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