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The Party Scene

By Evg Enko

The Party Scene


This weekend I had an honor and pleasure of attending my friend's wedding, and when it was over the younger crowd decided to go out and keep the party going in one of the Hollywood nightclubs. This reminded me once more why I absolutely hate going to out to so called "fancy" night clubs preferring them to the good old pubs and lounges.
Let's break it down, shall we?
The line. It all starts here. Most clubs create ridiculously long lines by letting small groups of people in every 5 to 10 minutes. Do they think that it makes their club look more "cool" and "exclusive"? Wrong thinking. Most people by now have discovered this is just the strategy and it honestly drives people away, myself included.
You finally get in. And you see the empty dance floor! Seriously, if you get into a club around 10 or 11 pm you will see very few people dancing, if any. That makes no sense, considering you had to stand in that long line for like 30 minutes just to walk in and see the half-empty place...
The dress code. Yes, I am a girl and I like to wear pretty dresses and high heels. But sometimes I just don't feel like wearing a mini-whatever, or I would rather wear flats because I actually came to DANCE. Back home we had this thing where they wouldn't let you in unless you wear a designer or a brand-named piece of clothing. It was stupid and made many people who couldn't afford such feel insecure and "not cool enough".
Here I feel I have to look certain way (tight, short, high and revealing would be the words to describe the look) to be allowed to get into most places.
The prices. This depends on where you go, but on average, alcoholic beverages in the clubs are not cheap commodity. I'm not even mentioning the bottle service, aka the total rip-off...
The verdict. I wish I traveled more and knew how the whole nightlife is happening in other places in the world, but one thing I can say for myself is that the above mentioned factors significantly decreased my desire to go out and spend a Friday or a Saturday night at a club. Too much stress and hassle over a couple of hours of drinking and dancing.

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