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The Orthaheel Gel Heel Hunt

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum


What a relief to come home and take my boots off, my feet are aching. I have been traipsing around the high street today in search of some Orthaheel Gel Heels.

MY dear friend has a raised arch and her usual insert has been worn and worn and there is nothing left of it. She is in severe pain and so we went off shopping.


Think of an old fashioned standard lamp, you know the one with a circular base that stands on the floor. Well, your feet placed together are the same as that standard lamp’s base – they support the rest of the structure above it, taking most of the pressure around the outside of the base.

If that base is not steady, then you could have problems supporting your body.

Arch pain is caused when this important structure does not behave as it should and you will feel pain along the bottom and inside of your feet.

I had never heard of these things before but have to admit regardless of what job they do, they look pretty comfy.

The Orthaheel Gel Heel she wanted was by the brand Scholl and she swears they are the best ones, as she has tried other brands and nothing has helped as much as these.

Orthaheel orthotic gel heel device, made from shock absorbing gel. Deisgned to fit most type of shoes, the unique shock absorbing qualities of the gel heel device together with the deep heel cup and rear foot wedge offer a solution to negate painful heels whilst restoring the foot to the neutral position.

I have no idea why she insists on wearing heeled shoes when she is forever in pain, but she reassures me these gel inserts make walking in the highest of heels a breeze, and unlike my own feet today in flat boots, she never has aching feet.

I think I may need to buy some myself.

We tried a variety of shops, mainly shoe shops and she could not find the gel ones anywhere, we ended up having to buy them online.

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