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The Original Shirt Plate

By Gerard @presurfer
The Original Shirt Plate
What to do when you want to have a plate of food and play video games at the same time?
You get an Original Shirt Plate!
Each Original Shirt Plate is made of high quality, unbreakable plastic. We ran it over with Willie's SUV and it didn't even get a scratch! The Original Shirt Plate attaches to a classic black cotton t-shirt using an ingenious system of washable hook and loop fasteners.
In no time at all, the Original Shirt Plate will become your go-to gaming and grazing shirt. Load it up with your dinner or
snacks, settle into your favorite recliner, and just tilt your head down to enjoy your food.
(via J-Walk Blog)The Presurfer

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By  Slherrmann
posted on 12 April at 17:52
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wow...that's all I can, except...what about if your playing drums on rockband??? that would be an accomplishment!!