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The Open Goal

By Golfrefugees

Who should broadcast The Open Championship?
With the BBC being funded via a public license fee for anyone with a telly, the UK government announced that the Beeb’s budget will be cut over the next few years in-line with other public expenditure cuts.
Not a surprise in these ‘times of austerity’ and with a blue coloured government who believe in a small state and private enterprise.
As we can see with other events, the BBC’s ability to compete with commercially funded broadcasters for sporting rights is diminishing. The Open could be next out of the door.

However, as a grumpy old man, I really do miss watching my favourite football team and other major traditional British sporting events such as The Ashes and the Boat race on terrestrial TV. Having to stump up an extra monthly subscription charge for Sky to watch a live event as well as the licence fee to view highlights and repeats really narks me. Hence I refuse.

We have the ‘fit and proper’ requirement for football club owners and media moguls. Unfortunately its implementation has been somewhat diluted to anyone who sucks extra strong mints.

I’m sure our likeable Sports & Media Minister; the right honourable Jeremy Hunt has an opinion on this matter. But he will only divulge his real views in private telephone conversations.

The R&A, that forward looking organisation who still run a private club for golfers with a willy, Strap-ons do not comply to their strict membership rules. Have just announced mobile phones can be used for the first time at this years 21 st century Open.
Something to cheer about after all.

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