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The Offloader!

By Bertyc @bertyc
Recently I am struggling with what to write about.
These are my thoughts:
"I'd like to write about graduate jobs and unemployment"
"I'd like to write about TV"
"I'd like to write about women's crafts and arts"
"How can I work a joke into this beginning section of my blogpost?"
Generally I feel a bit silly writing. I write a post, post it, tell people about it and then instantly worry.
Have I misspelt something? Have I written something completely inflammatory? Have I written about my quilt in a way that can be perceived as offensive (I can't think of a less offensive subject, apart from when you look here). Clearly I have issues. My quilt is not racist. I don't have a racist quilt.
The simple fact remains, however, that I love to write, I love sharing my ideas and pictures, I love a bit of internet offloading.  There, ok, I'm an offloader.  Whether people enjoy reading it is another thing, I don't know if they do (no, my mother doesn't count here, she loves everything I do, as a mother should). I hope people like reading it but I'm not sure if I'm resonating with anyone.
Then again, maybe it's as important to do something you enjoy just because you enjoy it, even if you don't get money/feedback/any better.
Do you think other writers feel this way about writing? That it feels a bit silly? Pamie certainly does, she says that's what writing feels like all the time.  When I was at university I felt a bit silly writing essays but there is a certain formula to follow and being witty wasn't a prerequisite (spot the word I learnt at university; in your face tuition fees).
Bloggers of the internet, do you feel like this when you write? And how do you combat that feeling? Do you just write about any old thing until it passes? How do you move past the writer's block? Does anyone actually call it 'writer's block' or is that just the posh way of saying it? Answers in the comments box, please.
Oh, and here is a picture of my quilt, to keep this post tenuously linked to the blog's title:
The Offloader!

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