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The Controversy Mary Jane Death Penalty in Indonesian

By Bertyc @bertyc

1. Be Trending Topic in Twitter and Indonesia
in Social media hastag #MaryJane dan #SaveMaryJane,  many people give comment about the execution, the most have opinion that agree with putting to death for mary jane. because is law, in indonesian law is number one all them in under of law. but we always hope be better in Indonesian, indonesia have law and the law must be standing

Mary Jane Trending Topic in Indonesia (c)Twitter

Mary Jane Trending Topic in Indonesia (c)Twitter

As well as I Know mary jane is petty mother, because she give promise by someone to work in indonesia but when she bring a bag, the bag any Herroin.
2. sacrifice the commerce human
According by human departemen , Mary Jane mustn't Putting to Death because she is Sacrifice the commerce Human by Kristina and the case Kristina in Fhilippina is not yet by final. according by Indonesian President "Jokowi" that execution by mary jane wait case kristina in philipina and the case just on begining.

The controversy Mary Jane death penalty in Indonesian

Diduga Menjadi Korban Perdagangan Manusia (c) Twitter

3. Write a Letter to mr President Indonesia ''Jokowi".
at 16 April 2015, Mary Jane write a letter to Indonesian Presiden "Jokowi" that she is Sacrifice and she is know be mother and have two soon.
The controversy Mary Jane death penalty in Indonesian

Menulis Surat untuk Presiden (c) Twitter
This one of the Content of letter by Mary jane to Mr. President Jokowi.
“Bapak yang mulia, saya percaya bahwa bapak sebagai ayah untuk anak Bapak bisa merasakan apa yang anak Bapak rasakan kalau anak Bapak yang ada di posisi anak-anak saya. Pasti sangat menyakitkan karena mengambil hak anak-anak saya untuk bersama ibu mereka dengan tidak mengabulkan permohonan grasi saya….” Demikian tulis Mary dalam tulisan tangannya yang kecil itu.
4. Many Country will boycott Indonesia because death penalty on their Citizen
Indonesia be center of deliberate world because putting Death they citizen, and they  threaten will boycott Indonesia because that problem. One of them is Australia, they have moval with hastag  #BoycottIndonesia and be treending topic in Australia.

The controversy Mary Jane death penalty in Indonesian

May Country will Boycott Indonesian

5.Soon Of Mary Jane Request help by  Kaesang Pangarep
  In era  President Jokowi, Idonesian Country have mission if they will destroy and destroy Narcoba, because that many indonesian People dead because that.
6. The Putting Death Marry Jane Cancel on 5 minute Less.    Is mukjizat by God, Execution by Mary jane is cancel Less than 5 Minute execution starting.
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