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The Office Microwave – A Test of Capitalism

Posted on the 15 September 2018 by Smallivy

The Office Microwave – A Test of CapitalismThe Small Investor

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This is a post I wrote a few years back.  I wanted to resurrect it for new blog readers since I enjoyed writing it so much.  –SI

While you may not realize it, if you work in a mid to large-sized office, you have been living in a Communist society.  This is not to say that your daily job functions involve distributing copies of Pravda, or that you are working for free.  From those readily available clothes you are wearing to that latte you had on your way into work, you spend the majority of your day enjoying the products of capitalism.

I’m talking about that 5-10 minutes of your day where you step from your office into the office break room.  It is then that you drop behind the red curtain.  For it is there that you encounter the office refrigerator and, that nemeses of the office manager, the office microwave.

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