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The Occupy Movement and Buddy Roemer

Posted on the 10 October 2011 by ---

The Occupy Movement and Buddy Roemer

The epicenter of the movement: Wall Street

Yesterday between 1 and 3 PM, I found myself outside the town hall in Great Barrington standing in solidarity with many of the ideas embodied by the Occupy Wall Street movement.  I must admit skepticism when I first heard about the phenomenon.  How long would this last?  Was it cohesive?  Was it extreme?  But, the more I read about the Occupy Wall Street protests, the more I realized that this was a blossoming movement with real goals I felt entirely comfortable getting behind.  These include limiting the role of money in our political system, reforming the tax code, and standing up for an America that is more equitable and less controlled by corporations.  When I discovered this blog chronicling the disenfranchisement that has accompanied our tepid economy, I realized that I truly wanted to turn out on Sunday and make my feelings heard.  I do consider myself a moderate, and I feel that Occupy Wall Street is very consistent with independent, centrist principles.  Despite the derision with which CNN, FOX News, and many other mainstream news outlets have reacted, the crux of the movement is that it's not strictly leftist, but about unity and a government that works for 'the 99%.'
Anyway, the Occupy movement has begun to transcend Wall Street.  Protestors have gathered in cities and locations around the globe, and Twitter is red hot with support and organizing.  Will the people keep gathering until tangible change is achieved, like what happened several months ago in Tahrir Square?  Will the Occupy movement have a lasting influence in politics, like the Tea Party has?  It's too soon to tell.  It's true that I've already underestimated Occupy Wall Street once, so I'm not going to proclaim 'no' just yet.
One man who's really embracing the Occupy movement is dark horse presidential candidate and former Louisiana governor Buddy Roemer.  I last wrote about Roemer here, shortly after he declared his candidacy in the 2012 GOP primary.  Roemer has languished near the bottom of polls and has yet to be included in a debate, but as the only one running for President to endorse the protests, he's making a bid for a big break.  Roemer is visiting New York now to show solidarity, but he's been campaigning hard in New Hampshire as of late, wooing independents with a unique brand of politics.  There are definitely things I don't like about Buddy, like his support for 'Obamacare' repeal and his neoconservative foreign policy views.  However, he's the closest thing the field has to a maverick and seems to have the most integrity - two things that make him intriguing to say the least.  So check out Buddy Roemer's website and give him a look.  His bold views deserve it.

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