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Posted on the 13 November 2012 by ---
Hi Everyone,
I am now in my first semester at Reed College, studying political science and enjoying a new adult life.  You may have noticed some changes to the website.  I've added "[archive]" to the site description, which reflects two facts: a) I am no longer living in Monterey. b) I am no longer posting political musings on this site.  I've also removed all subscribe widgets and added a header to the About page that acknowledges the change over to a strictly archival website.  I do have every intention of preserving these posts indefinitely for reference (despite any potential political toxicity down the road!).
What's happening now?  If you want to keep up, follow me on Twitter.  I am working on a major new project for release on November 25, 2012.  There will be a writeup of it in the Monterey News that I will post here in full.  It will be in all likelihood my last post here for a long, long time.  I will also add a tab to this site that redirects to my new project.  If you would like to be one of the first to know what it's all about, send a follow request to the currently private Twitter account.  It's like pre-ordering an album on iTunes, but for political journalism!
Hope all is well with you.  Thanks for your support throughout the life of Political Musings from Monterey.

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