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The 'Nurtured Heart Approach' - Transform Difficult Children, Ignite the Greatness in Each Child

By Sunsparks
This video is about a new way of dealing with our children at home or school with positive recognition, energy saving disciple and consistency. It transformed my little one but this method is challenging at first because I tend to look at the negatives much more than the positives. It actually changed my outlook on life.

I took a series of training workshops on the Nurtured Heart Approach(by Howard Glasser). We used "Transforming The Difficult Child Workbook: An Interactive Guide to the Nurtured Heart Approach". Traditional parenting methods do not work on all types of children. Sometimes they make the situation worse.
You will see results instantly with this approach. If your child is difficult, there will eventually be some testing of your commitment to this new method. However, keep following nurtured heart and your child will blossom. It works on adults too(especially husbands).

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