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ADHD & Food

By Sunsparks
I am not quite sure if my son has ADHD because he is very attentive but some of his other symptoms were similiar to those of this illness. Doctors find it hard to diagnose ADD or ADHD prior to age six. I took him to be diagnosed at age five and it seems that he is hyperactive/impulsive but not attention deficient. The problem is that it only occurs in one setting, around close relatives. In other arenas, he is ok.
At any rate, I decided to change his diet because I know that natural remedies have always worked best for me. According to TLC Discovery:"For 64 Percent of Kids with ADHD, Food is the Cause." I noticed that food coloring caused him to become very violent and hyper. It seemed that his little legs were motorized. Due to his strong willed nature, food time was always a battle. Milk and carbs were the mainstay of his diet for several years. I had to physically force him to eat anything else. I cut out milk all together but gave him mozzarella cheese and plain yogurt. We tried to eliminate many preservatives and hormones in meat, as well. He eventually adjusted to the dietary lifestyle change and loves eating healthy now.

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