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If You're Hyper and You Know It: Clap Your Hands

By Sunsparks
My favorite movie as a child was Miracle on 34th St. I grew up in NYC and I use to dream of a home in the country. Well, now I have one with the swing in the back. In this scene below, Natalie Wood's character finally gets the dream house that she asked Santa Claus to bring her. Her mommy told her the same as my mommy told me:"If things don't turn out the way that you want them to the first time, you still have to continue to believe."
Natalie Wood was so hyper in the above scene. It reminded me of my son's actions at times. According to a relatively recent study cited in TIME magazine, there is a definite link between artificial ingredients and hyperactivity. The Feingold (ADHD) Diet of the 1970s also involved eliminating articial preservatives,colors,and sweeteners. Those brightly colored drink and candy can set some kids on edge..."silly common sense".

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