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The "Nook"

By Ashleylister @ashleylister
I don't know why, but I do my best writing when sat in "The Nook". It's cosy, almost like a hug. Usually in solitude when my little chap-ster is at school, the idea's and words flow better when perched on the third step of my stairs on the small landing. It's nothing fancy, but this is my "Writing Space". The stairs lead up from the corner of my kitchen and the wall has just been re-plastered and painted this very week. I prefer to use trusty pen and paper when attempting to transfer my thoughts into poetry, so if you were ever to look through my kitchen window this is where you will see me scribbling away.
It is also true that a writing space is also a frame of mind. If you're not "in the zone", you are invariably struggling to write anything that is of much use. This is the problem I am experiencing today. I have swapped my own kitchen for my Mum's today, and with not being in my Nook or the right frame of mind, I am experiencing a touch of writers block, hence the reason for the lateness of my post today. It has taken me all week to try and create this poem. It still requires work. Therefore, apologies for today's blog post if you feel it is below par.
"The Nook":

Safely tucked away
in my haven
or "The Nook",
I can submerse myself
in my own little world
leaving the humdrum behind.
Closing my eyes
a blanket wraps itself 
around my day to day,
information overloaded soul,
filtering out the unnecessary.
Almost in meditation
I open my eyes,
inspiration and creativity
flow from brain to fingers to pen,
scribing words upon the paper.
New viewpoints and universes 
unfolding and blooming
before me. 
I'm in the zone.

Well, it needs work, but that's the start of it.
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