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The Next Best Thing to a Cat Comedy Club!

By Lizmckeown1955 @WritersBoost
I know a cat comedy club, of sorts, that you can visit with a click of a mouse! You will see a multitude of cartoon cats and other things to make you laugh at  Be sure and see Cat Drawing Guy himself rap and shake his groove thing in the video commercial. Billionaire Mark Cuban invested $10,000.00 in Steve's cat drawing service on ABC's Shark Tank. According to a interview a few months ago,  the Dallas Mavericks owner already has his money back.
Steve draws stick figure cats with personality.
Cat #11518
If they sing, they're pictured singing: "Loo loo loo".
Cat #11515
If they're happy, you often see the cats saying "Whoopy!"
Cat #11510
Sometimes the round eyed cats won't say anything; they're just shown spreading love.
Cat #11509
You need to check his site every day since he can draw up to 1,000 a week. Want to gift a drawing? You can get it in black and white or in color, in the mail, or a jpeg file to just cut and paste anywhere! Want to wear a cat drawing? Steve offers custom cat tee shirts in addition to the Whoopy Cats line.
Want free stuff? Steve is generous. He offers free cat drawings once a week on his Facebook page, and you can join his IWTDACFY Street Team, do tasks and get points for drawings, tee shirts, mood pins and other groovy stuff.
In addition to cat merchandise, visit Steve's "i want to draw a cat for you" Facebook page to win items shown on Shark Tank.
Want to Tweet to Steve? His Twitter handle is: @CatDrawingGuy
As the king of custom cat cartoons would say: WHOOPY! The next best thing to a cat comedy club!

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